The Rooke Haus Plans

Our second largest home contains a large living/dining area, a kitchen with a full-size stove, bathroom and a very spacious sleeping loft.

Architecturally Designed, Structurally Engineered.

The Rooke Haus plans are jam-packed full of information, with 29 pages covering:

Details for permanent foundation & trailers
Construction drawings & elevations
Floor & electrical plans
Timber cut details
Custom cabinetry details
Cross-section details
Nailing schedule
Materials list
Construction notes, hints & tips


The Rooke Haus has the exact same footprint as The Humblebee, with a slightly smaller total living area of 216 square feet.

Out of all our homes, The Rooke Haus has the largest living area, which is also kitted out with 2 floor-to-ceiling closet/shelving units and an additional 2 shelving units. So there’s plenty of storage space in the living area alone!

This homes, unlike any of our other models, features a 2-foot wide gas stove in the kitchen. It also has a 4.5 cubic-foot refigerator, kitchen sink, base cabinets, drawers, wall cabinets and built-in storage.

The bathroom is the second largest of all the bathrooms featured in our homes (32-inches wide!) and contains all the usual fixtures and fittings you’d expect to find (shower, toilet and optional sink).

The loft is perhaps our most spacious loft to date due to the low mono-pitch roof, the walls can extend further up the homes than with other types of roof, giving you that little bit of extra elbow space. On top of that it also has four windows, flooding both the loft and the living area below with light.

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